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My Other Half

When Cathy Seipp died in March of 2007, much of my world died with her. I dropped out of most writer gatherings, lost most of the connections I had around her, and sent my life in a different direction — … Continue reading

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Social Class Anxiety

I’m curious about markers for social class in the United States. What I am not talking about is money. I know there are rich and poor. I’m interested in figuring out behavior and cataloguing it as low class, middle class … Continue reading

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Can I Let Go Of My Need To Be Brilliant?

What do I want to discover? Investigate? Can I look at myself as an archeologist and start sifting through the layers? I should be curious. Most stories are about trying to find something. What are the names people call me? … Continue reading

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Mickey Kaus – Orthodox Jew?

A few years ago, Mickey Kaus said he’d give me an interview. Then he never answered any of my follow-ups to actually do the interview. So I made up this. It was probably unethical but it was a heckuva lot … Continue reading

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‘How Could He Have Gotten With That Cow?’

She was sick about her boyfriend’s taste in women. "How could he have ever gotten with that cow? Those big fat legs. Eww!" She proceeded to rip to shreds the looks of a 40-plus woman who on my scale was … Continue reading

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