Can I Let Go Of My Need To Be Brilliant?

What do I want to discover? Investigate? Can I look at myself as an archeologist and start sifting through the layers? I should be curious. Most stories are about trying to find something.

What are the names people call me? Luke. Levi. Guru Luke. Scoop. Rabbi. Daddy. Cocksucker.

My favorite of those names is Guru Luke. My friend Adam* from yoga calls me "Guru Luke." I just love the sound of it. Guru Luke. Four letters to each name. It runs together perfectly. I like what the name projects. I see myself as serene and powerful. A moral leader. A master. A teacher. Lots of access to hot chicks.

My least favorite name is cocksucker. I hate it when my boss calls me cocksucker. After I reproved him yesterday morning via email, he called me. When I answered the phone, he said, "Cocksucker" as a greeting. I hung up on him. A minute later, he called back. I answered, "Good morning." I didn’t want to fight. I need his money. I just wanted to send a message.

Referring to our late friend, he said, "Your phone is sicker than Cathy Seipp."

I hate being called degrading names. It starts a cascade of degrading behavior. It ends with gas chambers.

He who has the power to name has enormous power.

When I worked construction more than 20 years ago, my Christian bosses called me names such as "Dick Sniff." One day after I secured a better job, I said to one boss after he called me a name, "I’m getting tired of being called names."

He immediately said, "You’ve got another job. Let’s make today your last day."

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