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Uggh! I Did It Again!

Many years ago, when Britney Spears was hot, she released a hit single called “Oops, I Did It Again.” I may not fully understand this song, but Britney makes it seem just so sexy when she makes a mistake. According … Continue reading

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My Other Half

When Cathy Seipp died in March of 2007, much of my world died with her. I dropped out of most writer gatherings, lost most of the connections I had around her, and sent my life in a different direction — … Continue reading

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Jim Bellows RIP

1 p.m. I get the last seat inside the Westwood Presbyterian Church for Jim Bellows funeral. I forgot to wear a belt so my parents keep falling down. Gonna rock this place wigger-style! It’s filled with uptight goyim all well-dressed … Continue reading

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