She Shuckled All Night Long

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The lyrics are below:
The Alte Rockers: Purim 2009: Parody of AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

You Shuckled (AC/Rashi, Jews in Black Hats)

She was a text machine
She studied kiddushin
She was the frummest damned woman That you ever seen
She braid a challah tight
Benched the licht just right
Dipped a candle in her yayin every Saturday night

Skirts down to there
A shmatte covered her hair
She sang “L’cha Dodi”
But I was already there
Cause I get that tension
When she starts benchin
The wines not quenchin
My thirst for your attention, baby–you
Shuckled all night long.

She rocked side to side
She did the Satmar slide
Shes gonna break the gates of heaven
Cause her hips are wide
Then she strapped one on
With a leather thong
What she did with those tefillin
Was wrong, wrong, wrong

She davvens double time
She never skips a line
I’m gonna slip through that mechitza
Make her mine, all mine

‘Cause the siddur was shaking
Its spine was breaking
And I was faking
The Hebrew, maybe, but you
Shuckled all night long.

Kiddushin: Talmudic tractate on Marital Purity Laws
Frummest: Most observant
Benched the licht: Said prayers over the candles
Yayin: Wine
Shmatte: Lit: Rag Fig.: simple head covering
Lcha Dodi: Sabbath Hymn beginning Come, Beloved
Shuckle: To bow and sway fervently while praying intently in the Chassidic manner
Satmar: A Chassidic sect
Tefillin: Phylacteries (leather boxes worn during prayers)
Davvens: Yiddish word for prays
Mechitza: Barrier separating men and women during traditional prayer service

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