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Learning The Social Mores Of Orthodox Judaism

Heshy Fried writes: When I lived in Dallas, the kiruv folk over there had the social process down pat, this was because they had no competition and most of the people becoming frum would probably never live anywhere else and … Continue reading

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You Shouldn’t Read Blogs

From a Torah perspective, blogs just don’t seem kosher. I have an instinctive reaction against women as Orthodox rabbis. It just doesn’t seem right. Similarly, blogs that talk about other people, it just doesn’t seem right. That’s what the goyim … Continue reading

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Swinging Hasidim

Dan Gambiera writes: People have sex. They don’t always do it the way that social mores dictate. It’s been that way forever. The only thing you can do is make choices you can live with. One of the big culprits … Continue reading

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