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Driving While Davening

Kirk emails: Leaving my house this morning to go to work, a van approaches with a driver (long beard, black hat) that was swerving while making his way down the street. When he passed me I noticed he had a … Continue reading

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Riveting Torah

In his 2009 lecture on Leviticus 21, Dennis said: “There are more riveting chapters of the Torah. And there are less riveting ones. “A dear friend of mine, one of his two sons, had a bar mitzvah. The portion of … Continue reading

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New Valley Village Shul

Joe emails: This is the new (well, it is more than a year old) quasi black hat shul in the valley for those valley-ites who wish they could be in La Brea but cannot afford the cost of a house … Continue reading

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Better To Be A Flea On A Lion Than The Leader Of Mice

From my live cam chat: guest27:  Hey Luke, I saw your video on why you converted to Judaism and chose Orthodoxy. I converted to non-Orthodox Judaism myself but I am seriously considering an Orthodox conversion because it also seems like … Continue reading

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Modern Orthodox Authenticity Guilt

Pico/Robertson is home to three big Modern Orthodox shuls — Young Israel of Century City (YICC), Beth Jacob (BJ) and Bnai David Judea (BDJ). An Orthodox friend calls: "Who is the number one shul in Los Angeles for technical adherence … Continue reading

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