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South Korea Embodies Ingratitude

Dennis Prager writes: For decades, there have been anti–U.S. demonstrations in South Korea. And each time I wonder the same thing: Do these people have any idea what that living hell known as North Korea is like? Do these people … Continue reading

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Michelle Bachman And The Jews

Robert J. Avrech writes: When Sarah Palin burst upon the national scene and the liberal media attempted to destroy her, I observed on my blog, Seraphic Secret, that she was being transformed into a hated Jew. Each rhetorical bombardment against … Continue reading

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New Valley Village Shul

Joe emails: This is the new (well, it is more than a year old) quasi black hat shul in the valley for those valley-ites who wish they could be in La Brea but cannot afford the cost of a house … Continue reading

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Is Like A Shower

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “My new hero in the United States is the New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Here he is again telling truths that are never spoken out of fears of the unions.” “You know … Continue reading

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