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How Influential Is Dennis Prager?

I’m struck by the awe that thousands of unlearned Jews such as myself display towards Dennis Prager (we revere him for his ability to present Jewish texts and ideas in a rational and inspiring way) and the lack of awe … Continue reading

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Orthodox Views On The Zohar

Here’s more about the Zohar. Marc B. Shapiro writes: In the next issue of Milin Havivin, I deal with Orthodox views of the Zohar. In the meantime, I was surprised to find that R. Berel Wein describes the Zohar in … Continue reading

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Jewish News

From TorahMusings.com: ▪ Prof. Lawrence Schiffman to join YU as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (via e-mail) ▪ The Jewish Matchmaker ▪ RCA clarification on brain death ▪ King James Bible at 400 ▪ Richard Joel interview ▪ Faculty oversight … Continue reading

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Non-Orthodox Judaism Disappearing?

I’ve heard other Orthodox rabbis, such as Berel Wein, say they expected non-Orthodox Judaism to be around for hundreds of years. It would be delusional to think otherwise. Chaim Amalek emails:Isn’t that the case with all liberalizing religions in the … Continue reading

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This Week’s Torah Portion – Emor 5769

Steve Brizel writes: Kedushas Kehunah and Kedushas Am Yisrael R. Aharon Lichtenstein explains why non-Kohanim can and should emulate the Kohen in our everyday lives: link R. Yisocher Frand illustrates why the Halachos of Tumas Kohanim, even for a minor, … Continue reading

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