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▪ Prof. Lawrence Schiffman to join YU as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (via e-mail)
The Jewish Matchmaker
RCA clarification on brain death
King James Bible at 400
Richard Joel interview
Faculty oversight at YU (aka censorship)
R. Tuvia Lasdun, of all those memorable Kol Nidreis at YU, passes away
HODS vitriol continues, this time against R. Jonathan Sacks
ORA’s clarification re the NY Times (PDF)
Designing a 22nd-century classic
The Kosher Bookworm: You do have a prayer
Charedim applaud visa rule change
Why scholars’ motives should be irrelevant to our evaluation of their scholarship
The Hassidim of the Consumer Electronics Show
Obnoxious review of the as-yet-unpublished new RCA siddur
The truth about the VosIzNeias ban
R. Berel Wein: Righteous Women
Tzena Tzena (American version)
SALT Friday
Pre-nup law won’t affect the get
Employers in Professional Fields Reluctant to Hire Charedim
Jewish community stresses feelings at its peril
Israeli court gives green light to “modesty buses”
Synagogue: First Black Woman Rabbi Not “Right Fit”
Rabbis take a stand on road safety
Who Needs Hebrew?
SALT Thursday
R. Weinreb: What’s Needed In Orthodox Leadership
Beyond Excess: Finding better rewards for our leaders
A tour of Iraq’s ancient sites (video)
Study probes religious teens’ sexual guilt
YU ethics expert censures rabbis over brain-stem death
Jewish runners decry post-Yom Kippur marathon
New Yorker heads for Jewish school
Slum-Touring Millionaires Put Off the Ritz in Israel
SALT Wednesday
A mitzvah project with the help of online crowd-sourcing
Religious divorce dispute leads to secular protest
Shas seeks law against ethnic bias in haredi schools
On Facebook, parents are new immigrants, children are natives
SALT Tuesday
Eating disorders a problem among haredim
R. Druckman: It’s a rabbi’s duty to voice opinions
Safed rabbi interrogated on incitement charges
Company battles Hebrew U over Einstein image
Rabbi leads Torah trafficking ring

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