Isla Fisher – Another Insult to the Jewish Woman

Chaim Amalek emails: Like most Jewish men, whenever I read about a high status Jewish man who has hooked up with a shiksa, I think to myself that Jewish women are not as pretty or pleasant to be around as shiksas (and for the purposes of this discussion, "conversion" does not count).  That’s how things are today as we consider Sacha Baron Cohen and his Isla Fish, and I’ll bet that’s how things were back during the time of Moses.  High status Jewish men prefer shiksas to born Jewesses.  This has got to make Jewish women feel terrible about themselves.

Luke, how are things going with the Jewesses/shiksas in your life?

Luke says: They are in line with The Plan aka I am doing everything I can to raise the self-esteem of the black man and the Jewish woman.

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