Orit Arfa Bothers Me

When life gets me down, I close my eyes and dream of a better day.

Then I surf to OritArfa.net to see how the good life is lived.

Tonight I found this: "Orit complements and enhances her journalism with a variety of creative projects, including the performing arts, oil painting, and creative writing."

What kind of girl would write this?

Oy ve!

I know what she wrote, but what I feel is this: "Orit complements and enhances her journalism with a variety of creative projects, including finger painting, belly dancing, and witchcraft."

There, that’s better.

Joe emails: "That’s right where you go over the line, mate. It’s childish, rude and serves no purpose."

Fred responds to my inquiry:


I am the wrong person to consult in matters of social propriety. I fear you must seek guidance elsewhere.

However, if it makes you feel better, I am perplexed and amazed that this young lady would deny you anything. She errs grievously.


p.s. Just read (for the first time) The Miller’s Tale and The Reeve’s Tale (Canterbury Tales). Now this is my idea of classy literature.

p.p.s. Is it just my imagination, or are LA bloggers bombastic ego-manaical self-promoters?

Perhaps, Luke, you should add a blurb to your web site: 

Luke Ford complements and enhances his journalism with great intellectual insights concerning theology, cosmology, philosophy, art, history and the human condition.  His critique of string theory and quantum mechanics was well-received by the Nobel committee in Stockholm.  The pope recently reversed his earlier decision to make Luke a cardinal only after the crushing disappointment of learning that Luke is Jewish. Obama has been phoning Luke every other day, begging him to become a member of his cabinet.  Several sagacious rabbis have been considering adding many of Luke’s blogs to the Talmud.  However, Luke will not turn away from his calling of enlightening his readership with wit, wisdom and virtue apparently unvailable anywhere else in the universe.  He is a blessing to all mankind.

Yet, surprisingly, Luke is unspoiled by all of this unalloyed adulation.  "If, after consulting my writings, someone is inspired to insult a loved one, or spread a rumor or two, it will have all been worthwhile.

>>>I couldn’t explain why, but that sentence of hers bothered me more than….>, which are superb…

p.p.p.s. I think its over-the-top self promotion. Sadly, I suspect this is typical for LA web pages. As one of the major intellectuals of the 21st century, I personally find it pretentious and jejune. However, in this post-modern era, oftentimes superficiality is the best that such souls have to offer in the absence of spiritual meaning. Such nihilistic pseudo-intellectualism defaces the cultural and existential experience of humanity in the present age.

On the other hand, her … and … are quite profound. Yet I am left contemplating two of the remaining mysteries. 1) How’s……; and 2) does……?

What is it about hot chicks who go to work for the Jewish Journal? Look what it does to their writing. There’s only one woman in the world who writes like Orit and that is her colleague Danielle Berrin. From blogger.com: "Born in the sticky heat of the Everglades region, where hurricanes whirl by every summer and mojitos are as ubiquitous as water, I was raised in a loving family on a green acre enclosed within a hedge of oak, ficus and palm trees. The year-long summers of Florida meant my recent move to Los Angeles wouldn’t be too shocking – I was merely trading hurricanes for earthquakes, humidity for smog. But I didn’t come here for the weather, it’s just an added benefit. I ventured across the country because Hollywood is where dreams come true, and although I am woman of many passions, I find myself enjoying the pursuit of journalism."

Everything by Orit Arfa reads like it is written by the teacher’s pet. She’s like Holly Randall in that regard. She’s always handing in an essay for class.

Khunrum emails: "Cute…frizzy hair…generous… She’s worth removing your leg braces and taking your mouth guard out for."

"I see she positions herself in her work. Smart. Can’t go wrong with self promotion. I like the paintings too. Kinda like those old Charlton Heston Swords and Sandals flicks."

Enough with the harsh words. I want us to remember Orit in happier days, before she complemented and enhanced her journalism with a variety of creative projects.

Is she obscuring the act of penetration above? If so, why? She must be a fundamentalist.

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I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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