I Roam Where The Buses Don’t Run No More

Oz tweets: “@lukeford Half of what you write makes me think you’re a danger to yourself and others.”

* The Los Angeles city business tax man came by and I’m hearing this Jew complain, “It’s like Germany 1937.”

* Haredim don’t observe Holocaust Remembrance Day and other goyisha holidays.

* I would have made a great starter husband.

* As soon as I became an American citizen, I was ready to close the door to other would-be immigrants.

* What kind of non-verbal vibe do you think you give of? In my experience, the way people relate to me is largely correlated to what I exude. People seem to be able to clue in to whatever I’m thinking.

* Reality: Converts start out low status in Jewish life but you work your way up and eventually you reach the level you deserve. We all tend to see what we look for. We tend to repeat patterns.

* I rarely encounter people in the second half of life who deliberately do things to embarrass others publicly. Old people are far more empathic than young people.

* When will my conversion produce a personality/moral change?

* As soon as I finished my conversion to Orthodox Judaism, I lost much of my empathy for would-be converts and began siding with the Jews.

Friend: “So you find that Jewish orthodoxy makes a man much less empathetic towards his fellow man. Correct?”

Luke: “Once one changes status, one changes internally and mentally.”

Friend: “Yes, I know, but did you find that once you left Christianity behind for Jewish orthodoxy that you were a less empathetic human being, less of a humanist?”

Luke: “Maybe, my concerns definitely narrowed.”

Friend: “Made you more suspicious of outsiders? More contemptuous of them and perhaps more hateful?”

Luke: “Yes.”

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