CBS NEWS: Right-wing extremists blamed for posting top law officials’ info

24AheadDotCom tweets: I told @LukeFord about at the time & he posted about it, but no one else AFAIK had guts to follow up.

LINK: Homeland Security official dead in Tucson

CBS: Right-wing extremists blamed for posting top law officials’ info

REPORT: WASHINGTON — Federal officials are reviewing the online publication of personal information related to former and current officials with the Department of Homeland Security and FBI, a federal law enforcement official said Wednesday.

Much of the information appears to have been culled from social media and other publicly available sources, though investigators are attempting to determine if any of the material was accessed illegally, said the official, who is not authorized to comment publicly.

The incident was first reported by CBS News, which attributed the posting to an apparent anti-government group that referred to the officials as “traitors.”

Last month the Army rewrote social media guidelines after the names, addresses and pictures of troops fighting the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq were released online by the terrorist group.

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