Fred Astaire Embodied Alexander Technique

Alexander teacher Robert Rickover says: “Many times with new students, I suggest that if they want to see examples of the kind of use that Alexander Technique promotes, to take a look at someone like Fred Astaire. While he did not have Alexander lessons, he exemplifies what we are about.

“I tell people, turn off the volume and just watch him move. Just watch him walk or stand or sit.

“Of course he’s breathing, but there’s never a big deal about it. The air is just coming in and out. And that’s connected with the ease of his more obvious movements.

“You don’t need to look at the spectacular dance scenes. Just look at ordinary things. He’s talking to someone. He’s getting up from a couch. If you watch him carefully, you can do it in slow motion, you will see an incredible ease of movement. If you look at his breathing, you will hardly see anything because it is so subdued. There’s no extra effort involved.”

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