The Rabbi And The Wanker

I’m working on a top secret somewhat autobiographical novel about a not-so-young man working out his mishegos before he gets thrown out of the last Modern Orthodox shul within walking distance.

How do you like it so far?

I’m open to alternative titles.

Perhaps something a little more holy? The Pride and the Prejudice? The Tart and the Vicar? The Rabbi and the Goy? Rabbi and Me?

From my cam chat:

AnIronic:  Luke, I found a way to make some quick bread that beats your web income stream to date.  At least it does where I live.
AnIronic:  Jury duty.  You show up, maybe get paid, then don’t get picked.
AnIronic:  The easiest $40 you will ever make.
YourMoralLeader:  it’s about $15 a day right?
AnIronic:  In New York it is $40/day
AnIronic:  What do yo make off your web site / day?
AnIronic:  Bet it is less.
AnIronic:  Heck, it beats what you make blogging AND writing
SimonSmith:  don’t bother our moral leader
AnIronic:  Why should you slave away as a blogger when you could be making the easy money as a juror, deciding the fate of people of color?
AnIronic:  Sperm donation.  I think it is $50/pop, but they really restrict the number of pops/week
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  I was just almost falling on the floor laughing reading your post about "Leah Kleim the movie"
AnIronic:  As fate had it today, I wasn’t even called into the jurors’ box to be questioned as to my suitability to decide the fate of a young black man accused of trying to murder several people
AnIronic:  None of whom, we were told, would be testifying – not the alleged shooter, and not either of his victims.
AnIronic:  I suspect a business dispute up in Harlem
AnIronic:  They filled the jury before getting to me
AnIronic:  On the other hand, this sucker would have been a two week trial.
YourMoralLeader:  does your employer pay you for this time?
palestine4ever:  Were the Village People or ABBA unavailable for your sabbath serenade?
AnIronic:  Men of leisure like Luke and I are among the few who can afford that.
AnIronic:  Nope, I get no such benefits.
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  I went to Shaws supermarket yesterday night and met a Boston Jewish Advocate reporter Susan Davidson who uses the store as her office due to a very fast free WIFI there:-)
AnIronic:  $40 for three days, that is it.
AnIronic:  I fall into the gaps
AnIronic:  But if you are totally unemployed or self employed, you get $40/day
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  we had a very long talk
AnIronic:  I was preparing for this case too, going to far as to watch the first season of "The Wire"
YourMoralLeader:  i love tha tshow
YourMoralLeader:  i own the first 3 seasons
AnIronic:  First time viewing it; it is great.
AnIronic:  I like watching shows like that a season at a time.
AnIronic:  None of this waiting a week for me
AnIronic:  Man, you should have seen the efforts people were making not to serve.  And there I was, not even called to speak, to explain my view of humanity and how it must be governed
YourMoralLeader:  Don’t you have a life?
RabbiArielSokolovsky:  her sites are and with her book with many stories based on interviews of Holocaust survivors in Boston area
AnIronic:  Luke, if I had a full life, think how impoverished your web sites would be

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