The Next Great Photographer: Clinton Mackinnon

I often highlight professionals of exceptional talent who deserve more attention. In the world of top photography, Clinton Mackinnon ( is unparalleled in talent, reputation, patience and his ongoing dedication to providing clients with breathtaking images, from wedding photos that stir the soul to other events that provide lasting memories. Along with Kate Mackinnon, his wife and business manager, Clinton offers wonderful service and the ability to help people realize their dreams. Give him a call at 805-815-5679. I highly recommend this gifted, young photographer — in a crowded field, he’s the best.

Kate MacKinnon emails:

Dear Luke,

Thank you so much for your glowing recommendation! We also have a philanthropic aspect to our company, whereby we will donate 10% of the net proceeds from the sale of prints to a 501(c)(3) charity of our client’s choice. We are also willing to extend that offer to albums bought through us, as well. This social entrepreneurial aspect of our company is extremely important to both me and Clinton, but it is flexible so that couples getting married can donate to the charities that they hold near and dear to their hearts. We also are involved with a number of charities (Ventura Boys and Girls Club, Kensington Foundation, VetFund, etc.), and Clinton photographs their major fund raising events for free, then gives the the rights to the images to the charities so that they can use them for whatever promotional needs they have. Furthermore, our company donates to Feed the Children on a monthly basis. The only other aspect I can think of is I just graduated with my MBA (I’m not sure if this is all that interesting to couples getting married, though).

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