Where Is Luke?

Darrah writes on porn star babylon:

where in the world is Luke Ford

No not the original Luke Ford. That Luke Ford no longer writes about the adult industry. He became really religious and now writes about Jewish issues. Good article here about him as the first porn blogger and everything he went through.

But the Luke Ford I’m talking about at Luke Is Back has been missing since April 11. That site was originally run by the original Luke until he became religious and then sold it to the new Luke. There’s also lukeford.com also originally run by the original Luke Ford long ago. I would link to it but it has a huge giant penis on the front page now. lol That was his first site. His rabbi then convinced him to give up writing about porn. So he sold it. Started writing about Jewish issues and went broke. So he came back to writing about porn and started Luke Is Back after he failed trying to buy back lukeford.com. Then he gave up Luke Is Back and became really religious and started lukeford.net where he writes about everything and anything Jewish. YES I know it’s all complicated! :oops:

Now myself and others are holding a vigil and also yelling at each other on this post at Luke Is Back. Some theories as to where that Luke is are that he’s dead, my theory that all three Luke sites are all run by the same original Luke Ford and he’s just plain tired haha :D , he stopped because he wasn’t making any money, he stopped because of constant hate comments from BigDaddyDick and porn star Jeremy Steele, or the newest theory that he somehow was dragged into the whole John Stagliano/Evil Angel indecency indictment mess. 8O If you somehow are reading my stupid blog and not dead or in a coma, come back and at least post an I’m alive message. :)

Off topic a bit but on that post at Luke Is Back, there’s this pesky porn star named Jeremy Steele continually telling me that I should change my blog name to something that doesn’t say porn star because he says most of what I post isn’t porn related. I would post more porn related articles and pictures if I could find them. So to make up for it, I post mainstream Hollywood crap. :D I have thought of changing my blog name to P.S. Babylon, PSBabylon, PSB, or Hollywood-X so no one will think it’s all porn all the time. I still don’t know yet. Stay tuned……… COME BACK LUKE!

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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