Sabra Love

Orit Arfa writes this singles column for the May 15, 2008 issue (Yom Ha’atzmaut) of the Jewish Journal. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve been considering giving up on Israeli men, at least the purebred Israeli men, the sabras.

When I first landed in this country as a wide-eyed, optimistic Zionist, Israeli men captured my fascination — and I’ll admit —my early 20s lust. They were the "New Jews" who had cast off the spiritual and physical shackles of exile to invent a self-sufficient Jewish culture in the land Israel. Compared to their American Jewish counterparts, Israelis exuded a physical vitality and sexiness, enhanced by their years in army, where they developed hard abs and chiseled arms.

But as time wore on, I discovered the layered character of my fascination with Israeli men wasn’t mutual.

…Even the questions Israeli men ask me on JDate chats are matter-of-fact: What do you do? Where do you live? Who do you live with? I rarely am asked intelligent questions about my thoughts, my values, my unconventional Zionist dreams. Finally, maybe an Israeli man with whom I could discuss Israeli politics, religion, God.

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