Daniel Webster Is Arguing With The Devil Over My Soul In My Chat Room

Wholesome fun for the whole family!

xptisgay:  good lord, luke
YourMoralLeader:  yo
xptisgay:  are you butt nekkid?
TIMESUP:  ooooh my tming is perfect lukeee
xptisgay:  luke, have you ever been to cam4.com?
YourMoralLeader:  no
xptisgay:  they do have a few non-sex cams
guest88:  ffs u ever going to shave?
xptisgay:  he’s going to audition for Geico caveman
TIMESUP:  hmmmm our luke is not at all as we he appears
xptisgay:  this guy still doesn’t have a job, right?
YourMoralLeader:  i babysit
xptisgay:  fair enough
xptisgay:  I was a bum for years myself
guest88:  needs to tidy his room
TIMESUP:   yeah what age group
xptisgay:  my sister is a maid, I could send her over
YourMoralLeader:  can we xchange services?
TIMESUP:   senior r junour
xptisgay:  that would be up to her, I guess
TIMESUP:  him her
xptisgay:  you might have to put up a few hundred for airfare
guest88:  u got the wet hair look going on Luke?
TIMESUP:  jesus thats enough rising luke boy
xptisgay:  luke rising
TIMESUP:   gee darlin hes sweatin
xptisgay:  luke, I was trying to find an ass shot of Vannessa Del Rio
xptisgay:  would you have one handy?
TIMESUP:   choking
guest88:  whata the signifigance of the little hat on ya head luke, why do u wear it?
xptisgay:  I tried to take my gf in college to a Vennesa Del Rio appearance, but she chickened out at the door of the XXX theatre
guest88:  yes i know that but why do they wear them?
xptisgay:  it only matters to the Turks
xptisgay:  kosher pizza?
guest88:  spunk rag?
xptisgay:  repeat please
xptisgay:  there is a kosjher pizza joint in Chicago
xptisgay:  maybe moore
xptisgay:  jez
xptisgay:  can I say that?
guest88:  it appears u can lol
xptisgay:  this Jewish girl got mad at me because I referred to Jesus of Naz as Jesus Christ
xptisgay:  goddam Hellinized b**ch
guest88:  mr webster
DanielWebster:  I have come to advocate for the soul of Luke Ford
xptisgay:  you are getting into the Bananarama lately
guest88:  where u been last few days luke?
DanielWebster:  When Satan arrives in this chat room, I will present my case.
xptisgay:  get any good stock picks late, Luke?
xptisgay:  IBM was up big after-hours
guest88:  webby u a weirdo?
DanielWebster:  "88" is a curious appellation
xptisgay:  it’s random, I think
DanielWebster:  I know that certain extremist groups use it to stand for the letters "HH"
xptisgay:  not HH unless he changed it to that
guest88:  u flirting with me?
xptisgay:  oh sure
DanielWebster:  But that does not preclude innocent use of it.
xptisgay:  88 keys in a piano too
xptisgay:  sure
TIMESUP:   the oiche ( NIGHT ) surely brings out the weeeros..
xptisgay:  I was b**ching out some guy on YouTube who has it in his handle
xptisgay:  he was a silly savage
DanielWebster:  Has Satan quit?
xptisgay:  Satan is at Happy Hour
DanielWebster:  Has his Succubus abandoned her mission?
DanielWebster:  I saw many a mitzvah tank today.
DanielWebster:  What is there Pico-Robertson?
xptisgay:  upscale Jews?
xptisgay:  or Orthodox
YourMoralLeader:  Torah Jews, savage
DanielWebster:  Upscale, God-fearing.
xptisgay:  I don’t know much about LA Jewry
xptisgay:  rich ones are in Highland Park
DanielWebster:  Jews who mix money and Maimonides
DanielWebster:  Where do your poor Jews live?
xptisgay:  also in Hyde Park
User guest88 changed their name to WELDHDRAGON.
DanielWebster:  Hyde Park is surrounded by savages.
xptisgay:  orthodox are in west rogers park
DanielWebster:  I see in this man Luke a poor Jew.
xptisgay:  yeah, but he’s a convery
DanielWebster:  But a man who is rich in social connections: friends, family, etc.
xptisgay:  Luke would live in Hyde Park for sure
DanielWebster:  Hyde Park is not inviting.
xptisgay:  there aren’t too many aussies in Chicago
YourMoralLeader:  where are there lots of black people in chicago?
guest92:  lincoln park is nicer
xptisgay:  I must be stones spelling like that
xptisgay:  I am from Lincoln Park originally
DanielWebster:  South Side, West Side
xptisgay:  but from the Richard Speck era
DanielWebster:  All around the town
YourMoralLeader:  South Side is how I roll
xptisgay:  that’s where I am
xptisgay:  I’ll meet you for chicken and waffles
DanielWebster:  Once, the sons of Abraham ruled the South Side of Chicago.  This was the time of Leopold and Loeb
DanielWebster:  Then came the great migration
xptisgay:  and the Italians
xptisgay:  the Chinese are taking over
DanielWebster:  Chinese?  Which neighborhoods?
xptisgay:  Chinatown, oddly enough
User guest92 left the room.
xptisgay:  but moving into Armour Square, Bridgeport, etc.
DanielWebster:  China is absorbing the world.
xptisgay:  buying a lot of proprty
xptisgay:  those suckers will buy anything
DanielWebster:  From Russia to American, their tight family structure and genetics are overrunning the rest of the world.
xptisgay:  crap townhouses built against the 24/7 railroad tracks
DanielWebster:  Mister Ford, it seems that the menace has receded.
xptisgay:  luke, where do you live?
DanielWebster:  But Satan often chooses not to quit.
User TIMESUP changed their name to FBI.
xptisgay:  in the valley?
xptisgay:  I used to live in Burbank
xptisgay:  I’m glad that the Mexicans chased out the white trash
xptisgay:  ever been to Hughes Market?
User guest91 left the room.
xptisgay:  did you ever see J. Edgar Hoover in a dress?
User DanielWebster left the room.
FBI:  ASS…………………………….
xptisgay:  the social event of the week in Burbank used to be the latest episode of Dukes of Hazzard
DanielWebster:  I see that draught in Australia is causing the price or rice to rice across the globe.
xptisgay:  I’m familiar with spelling
xptisgay:  rice used to be a dead contract at the Chicago Board of Trade
DanielWebster:  drought
xptisgay:  you could buy a rice seat for $300
User WELSHDRAGON left the room.
xptisgay:  used to trade in new Orleans
DanielWebster:  Have you completed the cleansing operations that your faith requires, Mr. Ford?
YourMoralLeader:  tomorrow
xptisgay:  FBI, you might learn something
DanielWebster:  When does your holiday commence?
YourMoralLeader:  Hi Nina
NinaHartly:  hi Luke
xptisgay:  wow
NinaHartly:  how are you
DanielWebster:  Nina Hartly, I know about you
xptisgay:  Ashley Blue will be here soon
DanielWebster:  Years ago, I read the interview you gave to that rag
NinaHartly:  I’m naked right now
xptisgay:  cool, I’m wearing socks
NinaHartly:  I’m wearing shoes and a hat
xptisgay:  like that Frog on UPN
xptisgay:  altho I don’t think that he had shoes
NinaHartly:  Luke, do you remeber my movie Wet Pink
NinaHartly: can you get me to speak in your orthodox temple
NinaHartly: I posed the info about when I spoke at a different temple
NinaHartly: there was a jewish jornal article
NinaHartly: did you click on that link
NinaHartly: can you talk to your connections and get em to speak at the temple you go to
YourMoralLeader: no
NinaHartly: can you plull the strings so no one will you know you arranged it
NinaHartly: I think the orthodox have a lot to learn from me speaking at their temple
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  lukester .. what up homey!
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  the hair .. one word — comb!
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  ok .. two words .. comb and brush
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  and the beard … have you ever heard of the "don johnson trimmer" they were really popular when Miami Vice was hot!
guest96:  I didn’t think Orthodox Jews believed in heaven
guest62:  Only hell
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  btw.. in other news .. LA mag will printing a correction about that fluff Mirthala story .. they got a lot wrong in the story . but hey it was a fluff piece .. so they don’t care…
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  call me if you want the deets ..
guest62:  I daven twice as hard
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  I got to bloggerelbow.com!
YourMoralLeader:  what’s your # mirtha?
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  sorry only tony knows that
YourMoralLeader:  call me!
MirthalaVillaSalinasNunez:  ok .. but first I must find you the "don johnson" trimmer pic (this is true!)
guest62:  Sandra Tsing Lo has an interesting piece on public schools in the Atlantic Monthly
guest62:  But she tastes not the glory of blogging.
guest62:  Also, these goyim shave off all their hair down there as well.

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