Where Are The Charedim On Newsweek’s Most Influential Rabbis List?

All the orthodox rabbis are Modern Orthodox.

Tarfon writes on Jewcy:

There seems to be a substantial LA-centric bias to the "influential" list.  In what sense is R’ Hier influential?  Does anyone outside of LA know or care about the Skirball center, the base of R’ Herscher, their #6?  R’ Wexler is #3 because he’s head of the American Jewish University, but does he have any national presence at all?  (By contrast, R’ Artson, who’s head of the rabbinical school within AJU, and does have a national reputation, is only #31.)

The list is quirky in other ways also.  R’ Wohlberg is supposedly #18 after not even appearing on last year’s list; he’s the incoming president of the RA, but so what?

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