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QuixoticLass:  thing is, you can’t fake that
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QuixoticLass:  don’t you agree, emma?
Emma:  Fake being genuine?
Emma:  I guess not
Emma:  Your a happy bunny today Lukey
YourMoralLeader:  I’m with my friends!
Emma:  🙂
QuixoticLass:  Friends don’t let friends wear beige if it drains them of all color.
Lilithena:  I still can’t figure out what this is about
guest6:  can’t wait for the special phone call
Emma:  Hey Khun
KhunDiddy:  The gang’s all here I see
Emma:  How are you Khun?
KhunDiddy:  can’t stay long or the wife will yell at me
KhunDiddy:  Emma   my sweet
KhunDiddy:  how R U?
KhunDiddy:  Q Lass
Emma:  Fine thanks
KhunDiddy:  great to hear that
Emma:  😀
KhunDiddy:  Emma  R U falling more in love with Luke with each passing day?
KhunDiddy:  you need to come to the US of A and straighten our boy out
Emma:  Are you?
KhunDiddy:  hahahaaaaa
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KhunDiddy:  he doesn’t look as Gay as he did when I first met him
YourMoralLeader:  Khun’s been like a father to me
KhunDiddy:  hahahaaa
Emma:  lol
KhunDiddy:  he’s my wayward son…the son a never had
KhunDiddy:  the son who would be asking me to help him with the rent each month
ToTheSea:  Khun…….
Emma:  hahahaha
ToTheSea:  Are you aware that hovel is also a verb…..
KhunDiddy:  and I’d be advising him to get a REAL job which is what I do now
ToTheSea:  It means to provide shelter………
KhunDiddy:  Emma can you see Luke delivering your mail?
Emma:  ?
ToTheSea:  So, the question is there a noun…….ie a profession: hoveler….hovelling……
KhunDiddy:  Luke a Mailman with a snappy outfit on
KhunDiddy:  a jaunty cap
Emma:  Deff not my mailman
KhunDiddy:  How about Luke patrolling the border…catching illegal mexican?
Emma:  Nah
KhunDiddy:  Luke the border patrol officer?
Emma:  Nah
KhunDiddy:  NO?
Emma:  lol no
KhunDiddy:  well I guess he better stay where he is then
YourMoralLeader:  how about straight eye for the queer guy?
Emma:  Yep
Emma:  lmao
KhunDiddy:  LA Police?
KhunDiddy:  FBI
Emma:  hmm
Lilithena:  Why not the army?
Emma:  nope
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KhunDiddy:  Homeland Security?
Emma:  My sister was in the army
Lilithena:  The army needs good men
KhunDiddy:  ARMY..he’s too old
ToTheSea:  How about a bouncer?
QuietStorm:  good morning Luke
KhunDiddy:  bouncer hahaaaa
Emma:  He is fine as a writer
Lilithena:  The army takes men up to 40
ToTheSea:  jaunty
QuietStorm:  Hello emma
KhunDiddy:  Luke would be bounced out of the establishment by the patrons ahahaaaa
Emma:  Hey storm
QuietStorm:  what is going on this morning Emma?
Emma:  Nothing much storm
KhunDiddy:  opppps time for a nap
QuietStorm:  Morning Luke
QuietStorm:  is that your bed on the floor Luke?
KhunDiddy:  Q-las…what you say? why you so quiet?
KhunDiddy:  R U cooking up some Kugal?
QuixoticLass:  shhhh be vewwy vewwy qwiet
KhunDiddy:  why?
QuixoticLass:  I was talking to my boss and had to turn down the sound of YML yawning
KhunDiddy:  my wife went shopping I must take advantage to chat online
KhunDiddy:  hahahaa BOSS
KhunDiddy:  Q-lass must be the only one on here who has a job
KhunDiddy:  32 years younger
YourMoralLeader:  ok, emma’s only 23 years younger
QuixoticLass:  yes, gainfully employed for now
QuietStorm:  robbing the cradle
KhunDiddy:  She’s a nice girl…but she’s a hardcore Stalinist
KhunDiddy:  I robbed the JUngle.
QuixoticLass:  until they dismiss me for consorting with the enemy


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