Fake Jew Arrested In Lakewood, New Jersey

Video report.

JewishInfoSpot reports:

Natan Levi, so was he known, was a full time Lakewood Yeshiva man until he was arrested by the FBI last week.

Mr. Ted Larry Floyd, a Christian from Kansas, finally busted by the FBI after being searched for about 15 years by the FBI for his involvement in criminal activity. Some sources say that he was involved in Drug Trafficking.

A few years back Natan Levi contacted Partners In Torah, a organization that helps Jewish people return to their roots, and asked them for help in getting more acquainted with his Jewish Religion. As expected, the organization innocently helped him all across the long road in providing for him a Jewish education and eventually helped him settle in to the Lakewood, N.J. Jewish Community.

A source who was very close to Natan Levi, still in shock over how he was fooled all those years, shared his information with us:

"Mr. Natan Levi was acting as a very pious Jew. He learned full time in BMG, The Lakewood Yeshiva. He had Chavrusas (Study partners) throughout the day learning in a Chaburah (Study Group) that acquired a full page of the Talmud each day. He also had Chavrusahs for other times that Yeshiva people usually take off for doing their errands. He was a member in his community synagogue and prayed in shul (synagogue) three times a day. Over all he did, at least in public, everything that a regular pious Yeshiva man would do.

His wife, who now went back to her family in Kansas, covered her hair just as all Jewish Orthodox women do. She acted as a very frum and pious Jewish women. Thinking back, nothing can be said that would have raised a red flag about the so called Levi family.

Natan Levi had a daughter age 6 who attended a Lakewood Sephardic Jewish School named Tzemach, a regular Frum School. They also had a boy of age 4 who attended a regular Jewish frum Playgroup.

Natan Levi was supported by his wife working full time, a thing that is common practice among Lakewood Yeshiva men. They had hard times making ends meet and took support from the Lakewood Tomchei Shabbos Organization (a organization that helps poverty stricken families with food for Shabbos).

What is this Natan Levi name when his real name is Mr. Ted Larry Floyd? Mr. Ted Larry Floyd stole the identity of a dead person by the name Natan Levi and used it for all those years. Sources say that he had applied recently for a mortgage using his old identity and Social Security number which led the FBI to his real identity and to his whereabouts.

Lakewood Community is in deep shock, but in the same time they are relived that Natan Levi is no longer a member of the Lakewood BMG Yeshiva and that he is no longer a member of the Lakewood, N.J. Jewish Community.

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