Rabbi David Wolpe Conducts A Dialogue With Author Lori Gottlieb Thursday Night For Sinai Temple’s Young Adults Atid Program

I walk in and as I go to hug Lori, I step on her foot. I just crush the little thing.

Why must I brutalize women so? It must be my convict heritage.

The room is filled with 200 Jews 21-39. There is beer and wine and fancy hors douvres.

Here’s a .wav file of the discussion.

Lori is wonderful. She has a smile and a personality that lights up the room. Her comments are wise and funny. The pairing with Rabbi Wolpe verged on the divine.

The topic hit so close to home that various women in the audience become unhinged during question time and go on and on with their protests against reality (that they should not have to settle when they marry).

The rabbi says the temple is often asked why they don’t hold singles events for the over 40 crowd. The rabbi says such events attract 100 women and about three guys.

Cell phones pop off throughout the discussion. Such persons who are so rude don’t deserve to get married.

Here’s the topic of the night. Here’s Sinai Temple’s website. AtidLA for 21-39 year olds.

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