What Better Way To Get Back At Eliot Than To Hook Up With Luke At The Hovel?

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Client9:  Larry King is devoting the "full hour" to guys who boff Hookers
Client9:  the poor poor wife looks sad and confused…she’s ready for Luke
Client9:  what better way to get back at Eliot than to boff Luke at the Hovel..
Client9:  Air Supply on the CD player…sipping Green Tea
Client9:  from a gallon jug
Client9:  tell Amalek that Spritzer’s galfriend lives on 22nd St and came to New York to become a singer

Client9:  wonder if the poor confused child likes Air Supply?
Client9:  I can hang in here for awhile because my wife is chatting with her mother in T-land..if she sees me "wasting time" with Luke she yells at me ahahaaaa
DiscoDuck:  luke is sending her his "lap" cam shots
Client9:  right there in the Air Supply camp
Client9:  Luke you changed your shirt…is this EVENING WEAR?
DiscoDuck:  he doesn’t look so high at this point kind of mello and slightly listless
Client9:  If we see that black tee again tomorrow morning I’ll call the Health Dept.
DiscoDuck:  send him a bar of soap
Client9:  next trip to the market don’t forget to pick up some TIDE with the Green Tea Bags
Client9:  did the landlord turn off the hot water?
Client9:  you look rather spiffy
YourMoralLeader:  hot date tonight!
YourMoralLeader:  or two
Client9:  HOT DATE tonight…Leave the CAMERA ON
DiscoDuck:  The mohel is coming over
Client9:  we wanna see your ass bobbing around
Client9:  Camera ON…don’t forget to take a few Lavitra
Client9:  take Cialis, viagra and Lavitra..plenty of Green Tea
Client9:  the only guy still listening to Brian Adams..even Brian Adams doesn’t listen to himself
FEARLESSLEADER:  play something crazy and wild
Client9:  I am deeply sorry I did not live up to what was expected of me…Gov Spritzer…Luke do you ever feel like you are not living up to what is expected of you? Not that we expect much but…..
FEARLESSLEADER:  uh, oh breaking out some crazy s**t
palestine4ever:  is he recording sound effects now?
Client9:  he’s off his meds again
FEARLESSLEADER:  why all the r’s
Disturbed:  what is this for?
Client9:  If Gov Shwitzer had coneholed the Gay Governor from New Jersey instead of the Hooker he wouldn’t have been busted
palestine4ever:  "Right Really" (Luke Ford Kosher Remix)
YourMoralLeader:  I’m about to make an important video
palestine4ever:  Luke, the mainstream needs  your talents in this case
Disturbed:  hope its on cd
FEARLESSLEADER:  he would be the perfect presidential candidate then, eh?
palestine4ever:  no one is better qualified to comment on this salacious case in a tasteful way than you

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