PrimeGrill bites the dust? Mamash next?

Rumors are circulating that PrimeGrill has been sold to a non-Jewish group and it’s days as a Kosher restaurant are over. Stand by for further information and confirmation over the next few days. Is Mamash next?

Jane IMs: "I was wondering–why are some of the expensive restaurants supposed to be closing? There’s money out there and Shilo’s I think is doing well, so what’s up w/Prime Grill and Mamash–it’s only been open a few months or so and people like sushi, etc.?"

G-d’s will. You’ll understand, Jane, when you are as religious as I am.

These restaurants are dying for your sins of failing to patronize them. It’s your fault.

Young Israel of North Beverly Hills is interviewing Rabbi Nachum Braverman for the post. He’d be a great selection. Rabbi Braverman is a distinguished lecturer and author. He has great people skills. He’s inspiring. He’s real. He’s holy. He’s the man. I love that guy.

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