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Excited About Judaism

As a convert to Judaism, I hear from a lot of people who are also interested in converting to Judaism. Among the many reasons they list for their love of Judaism, excitement over the many demands of Jewish Law is … Continue reading

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Guilty Plea In Spinka Case

My favorite headline on this comes from the UPI: "Banker Admits Fraud, Rabbi To Follow." From the Jerusalem Post: A Tel Aviv-based banker with United Mizrahi Bank pleaded guilty to setting up secret bank accounts in Israel that, prosecutors say, … Continue reading

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PrimeGrill bites the dust? Mamash next?

Rumors are circulating that PrimeGrill has been sold to a non-Jewish group and it’s days as a Kosher restaurant are over. Stand by for further information and confirmation over the next few days. Is Mamash next? Jane IMs: "I was … Continue reading

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