Dancing Leads To Kissing

Jewish life has many ecstatic moments and this ecstasy often leads to inappropriate kissing.

I remember there was this girl I liked. I dug her so much that I read a couple of books by her mom.

I was really pleased when I saw her at a non-Orthodox Simchat Torah celebration. I didn’t get any IOIs (Indicators of Interest) from her so I didn’t hit on her. I just reveled in the holiness of the occasion and watched her dance around the room.

And then this kid I know, he was about 22, was dancing in a line with her and he got all ecstatic and he just kissed her.

She was appalled. I could see it immediately on her face. And people were looking at her and at him and wondering what happened.

Well, what happened was he got swept away.

This kid’s not a loser. He normally has the appropriate social graces. But he just got carried away.

This has happened to me. I was really pleased at seeing David Suissa at the Happy Minyan one Shabbat and not only did I hug him — and I rarely hug guys — I found myself to my horror, bending over and kissing his cheek.

I really don’t know why I did that. I don’t normally kiss guys on a Saturday. Certainly not in an Orthodox shul. But the Happy Minyan is a very happy place and I lost touch with what I was doing and suddenly I found myself kissing a bloke.

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