Religious Parties In Israel

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says about the British elections: “The United States is less democratic than every parliamentary democracy. That’s why I’ve always been for liberty. As much as I have talked about democracy, I should’ve talked about liberty more. Democracy undermines liberty in many instances.

“We were not founded as a democracy but as a republic.

“The left is always speaking about more representation. Do you know where you are really represented? In the European parliamentary system, which the Israelis foolishly adopted because when Israel was first created, it looked more towards Europe since the vast majority of its political elite came from Europe. They had a lot of European values. It’s too bad because we have a better system, the two-party system.

“Third parties either do nothing or they wreak havoc. The parliamentary system represents more views than the American system. If you have enough people who believe in witchcraft, if you can get more than 2% of the vote, you can have a seat in the parliament with a wiccan party. I have nothing against wiccans. I think the ideas are not rational. The Greens party is a dangerous form of wiccans.

“Then you can have some sort of religious extremist party like you do in Israel. They exist solely to get money from the government for their religious institutions. They do nothing for society. And I am speaking as a religious Jew. It’s embarrassing and utterly destructive in Israel to both Judaism and to politics.”

“One of the reasons that the United States had no room for fascists and communists is the two-party system.”

“California is America’s Greece.”

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