How Does Men Marrying Men Go Over In Orthodox Communities?

I expect that most of the left-wing American Modern Orthodox embrace same-sex marriage.

A Modern Orthodox source says: a male member of our community was recently outed as a homosexual. he married another dude and posted up pictures of the nuptials on a his website. we’re a sephardic community, not all religious, but all traditional, so it’s been pretty tough to absorb. i feel for the guy, i think he regrets posting the pictures. he seems like a good guy and had no intention to air our community’s dirty laundry. the community is pretty torn up about it. no one would spit at him, but many will ostracize and ignore him if he comes to shul. it amazes me how we welcome jews with open arms into our shuls who have committed crimes ben adam l’havero, but we reject jews who have committed crimes ben adam l’makom. i think we shouldn’t turn these people away from our shuls. we sure as hell don’t turn away the thieves and embezzlers who ruin peoples’ lives.

Luke says: i gotta admit, about a decade ago, a guy in my MO shul came out to me, and I stopped sitting next to him for a couple of weeks and then I calmed down and went back to sitting next to him and being his friend. It was a shock to me. It was hard to deal with at first. Men-on-men sex is hard for me to picture and to accept with equanimity. In the abstract, fine, but when I start picturing the mechanics, when I see men kissing men, it’s not a turn-on for me.

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