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They’ll Explain When They’re Done

Don’t pay too much attention to which white nationalists (WNs) are for mass genocide and which are for expatriation and which are for incentives and separate homelands. They’ll explain when they’re done, when they’ve created their homogeneous white homelands and … Continue reading

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Norwegian Refugees Welcome

Why are some countries shitholes but others aren’t? Perhaps the most important social scientific question. Two very common and very bad explanations:❌Colonialism (South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Australia…)❌Lack of Natural Resources (Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Belgium,…) — Jon Stewart Mill (@RoundSqrCupola) January … Continue reading

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Jews, Goys, & Betrayal

Greg Conte Ritter hosts the AltRight.com political podcast and provides security for Richard Spencer. He joins us live for the second show of the day. Dennis Dale highlights our first show: Greg Conte didn’t make it. Today’s Torah portion would … Continue reading

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Looking Out At A Sea Of Poz

Manhattan Beach Pier, Jan 5, 2018. Lewis Fein posts: “That art school should have admitted you.” I’m the same age as my father at Glacier View.

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