They’ll Explain When They’re Done

Don’t pay too much attention to which white nationalists (WNs) are for mass genocide and which are for expatriation and which are for incentives and separate homelands. They’ll explain when they’re done, when they’ve created their homogeneous white homelands and they’ve rid themselves of the Jews.

Some white nationalists such as Alex Linder are open and honest that they want to kill every Jew. You can tell Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin wants that. The subtext of his site is not hard to figure out. He wants to explicitly call for killing every Jew but his fellow WNs tell him to hold back on saying that for now but the subtext is clear and Jews will die as a result of his website. All these contrary positions among WNs on how to deal with the Jews are all just tactics and PR positions and polite musings. All WNs want the same ends — homogeneous white countries. They’ll explain afterwards when they’ve rid themselves of the Jews who they see as the true enemy.

Genocide is not the product of harsh language as much as it is the product of brutal conflicts of interest. If the majority is better off wiping out the minority, then the minority should not count on hanging around long. Moral scruples won’t constrain all peoples all the time from acting in their self-interest, because they do excessively constrain themselves from pursuing their self-interest, they’ll be conquered by another group with fewer scruples.

Hitler didn’t lost WWII because he genocided the Jews. That was irrelevant to Germany winning or losing. Germany was a relatively small country that could only win quickly (in both WWI and WWII) and by not marching on Moscow in June of 1941, Hitler lost the war. It was all up to Germany whether or not it would win or lose this war, nothing the Allies did mattered that much.

As for WWI, Germany just barely lost, they couldn’t quite conquer France before the Americans arrived.

Japan’s genocides didn’t play a role in their success and failure in WWII. They were completely out-gunned from the start and they never had a chance to win.

The capacity for genocide is not unique to whites. All national grievances feed nationalism and all nationalisms contain the capacity for genocide, even when it is the “good guys” who are getting nationalistic.

A goy says:

Luke is it not up to you to explain why the current state of affairs, ie Europeans being reduced to minority, is preferable to violent action creating white ethnostates? And anglin isn’t the leader of anybody so he has no power to do anything. Also many liberal allies say they wanna destroy the white race. Does that make liberal arguments reduced to one of their people calling for our death?


So u agree that the current state of affairs will destroy European societies? What should the alt right do then? And of course anglin is a retard p, very few serious people in the alt right are the crazed nazis that make themselves visible.

>What they should do is whatever is necessary to survive and thrive. It is best to avoid committing genocide if possible because that rots the soul.

It’s something they need to stop doing on the alt right. It’s because there are a lot of nazi larpers and white nationalist 1.0 (90s skinheads) that affect even the ethnonationalist culture

We are getting better tbh tho. The reason more intelligent people are starting to take our side is because there is real philosophical ground worm being laid by the likes of Spencer and MacDonald and others.

We do need a clean, radically mainstream (as Spencer would put it) ethnocentrism that million she of whites and even non white allies can learn to understand and possibly help us

It’s interesting to watch the Eastern Europeans maintain their European demography while simultaneously allying themselves hard with the right wing in Israel in order to ward off being isolated by the entirety of Jewish hegemony.

A goy tells me:

My gut gut feeling is that it’s absolutely true [that more Orthodox Jews are pro-white by percentage than white non-Jews are pro-white].
And to me it’s absolutely irrelevant
Left wing Jews want to replace us because they think it’s good for the Jews and right wing Jews don’t want that because they think it’s not good for the Jews. At the end of the day it all boils down to what they perceive their own interests to be, not ours.
See this: Agobard of Lyon and The Origins of the Hostile Elite
To my mind this is the most disturbing essay Andrew Joyce has ever published about the Jews and one of the most cogent arguments for radical anti-semitism I’ve ever stumbled upon.

Lots of well meaning people, including you, would have us believe that Jews as a group are not necessarily bad for us and that they can change and become our friends. You guys say that Jews are not necessarily left wing for example. Well, you guys are missing the plot. RADICAL LEFTISM IS JUST THE FORM AND SHAPE JEWISH SELF INTERESTS HAVE TAKEN AFTER THE ENLIGHTENMENT.

As Andrew points out in his article and as KM points out in his trilogy the Jews are a hostile, predatory elite who have been screwing us since they got in touch with us millennia ago.
Honestly man, when you read an article like this one and you learn about traditional, religious, non left wing Jews selling whites as slaves to fucking Muslims hundreds and hundreds of years ago, what exactly do you feel?

I feel like killing them all, starting with their children, in order to make sure that our people doesn’t have to go through the same nightmare over and over again in the future.

My view is that creating a white homeland and allowing MUH BASED CONSERVATIVE NON ANTI WHITE JEWS to live there is just as insane as an alcoholic making plans to quit drinking now but to start drinking “socially” again in the future.

Like Shakespeare said, PAST IS PROLOGUE. We have thousands of years of well documented intersections between whites and Jews and the pattern is clear: these people are terrible news to our people. And we should get rid of them. Not just “the bad” ones, ALL of them. Specially because I’m a self respecting man and I want revenge for what they have done to my people. I want them all dead, STARTING WITH THEIR CHILDREN.

Luke: I wish you could be more clear about how you feel.

More??? Dude the only way I could be more clear is if I made an ISIS-like video of myself beheading a few 10-year-old kikes while I read a statement to the effect that the Jews are snakes and that their next generations must be nipped at the bud.

In short: who I see as my “ideal” white leaders are people like Dylan Thomas, who I see as a hero in the most noble and tragic sense of the word, and Alex Linder. Nothing short of exterminating our enemies will render any victory we may have permanent. Because let’s face it, if we kick the kikes away they WILL come back. They always do.

How many tones have these scumbags been kicked from our countries? And they ALWAYS went back, shameless animals that they are. So we must work to have a permanent victory not a provisional one.

Think of it as the JOSHUA ALTERNATIVE. The infamous, horrifying book of Joshua should be a kind of inspiration for us. Our enemies must be genocied in a humiliating way, just like it’s described there.

On a side note, I find it hilarious to see people who have a manual for genocide like the Book of Joshua as a sacred text feigning surprise and outrage when they hear that there are people who think that what’s described there is what they themselves deserve.

Anyway, I’m not a monster, I’m not insane, I’m not violent. I’m the kind of person you could give a blank check to. This morning I went to pee in the toilet and there was an ant in it. I removed the ant from it with a piece of toilet paper because I didn’t want to flush it. I’m a live and let live guy. But at the same time my worldview is coloured by my biological realism and by my knowledge of history and therefore my sympathy for non whites in general and creatures like kikes and niggers in particular is ZERO. We must get rid of these animals. Exterminationism is the way forward.

The Jews have showed me the way bro. The book of Joshua is the way to go. Remember: THE JOSHUA ALTERNATIVE, you heard it here first.

My fellow Jew says:

Your idea of nationalism for everyone explicitly rejected.

also this:

Check Mouthy Buddhas questions on the JQ. He gets some fact wrong but it is interesting to see how a heartfelt Buddhist and meditator and a former alt-liter “skeptic” moved towards the altright. All hidden on youtube.

Where Mouthy Buddha signals he is going to go deeper before he did the Altright and then the JQ videos.

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