They’ll Explain When They’re Done

Don’t pay too much attention to which white nationalists (WNs) are for mass genocide and which are for expatriation and which are for incentives and separate homelands. They’ll explain when they’re done, when they’ve created their homogeneous white homelands and they’ve rid themselves of the Jews.

Some white nationalists such as Alex Linder are open and honest that they want to kill every Jew. You can tell Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin wants that. The subtext of his site is not hard to figure out. He wants to explicitly call for killing every Jew but his fellow WNs tell him to hold back on saying that for now but the subtext is clear and Jews will die as a result of his website. All these contrary positions among WNs on how to deal with the Jews are all just tactics and PR positions and polite musings. All WNs want the same ends — homogeneous white countries. They’ll explain afterwards when they’ve rid themselves of the Jews who they see as the true enemy.

Genocide is not the product of harsh language as much as it is the product of brutal conflicts of interest. If the majority is better off wiping out the minority, then the minority should not count on hanging around long. Moral scruples won’t constrain all peoples all the time from acting in their self-interest, because they do excessively constrain themselves from pursuing their self-interest, they’ll be conquered by another group with fewer scruples.

Hitler didn’t lost WWII because he genocided the Jews. That was irrelevant to Germany winning or losing. Germany was a relatively small country that could only win quickly (in both WWI and WWII).

As for WWI, Germany just barely lost, they couldn’t quite conquer France before the Americans arrived.

Japan’s genocides didn’t play a role in their success and failure in WWII. They were completely out-gunned from the start and they never had a chance to win.

The capacity for genocide is not unique to whites. All national grievances feed nationalism and all nationalisms contain the capacity for genocide, even when it is the “good guys” who are getting nationalistic.

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