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How Your Politics Can Change Your Physiology

Left-wingers and right-wingers not only see the world differently, as Jonathan Haidt explains, they experience the world different. Much of our political orientation comes from our biology. I wonder if your politics can change your physiology? When I think back … Continue reading

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The Red Pill Journey

I’m talking to Jake the Goy on Youtube.com. He studied at the School of Social Thought at the University of Chicago around the time of the beginning of the Iraq War of 2003. He references AnonymousConservative.com. His previous podcast Second … Continue reading

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Trump’s jargon is infectious

Virginia Heffernan writes: Donald Trump’s triglycerides are 129. His fasting blood glucose is 89. His alanine transaminase is 27. He’s fine. He seems to be hewing to norms, for once. But to hear the presidential physician tell it, Trump is … Continue reading

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