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Defeating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Joe* says: “Luke, just listened to your podcast on chronic fatigue. Amazing work, I myself have been a chronic pain sufferer for years, and can’t help but notice that amongst the redpilled, are the sick. Millenial woes suffers from terrible … Continue reading

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YICC Hosts California’s Attorney General

Sid emails: “On Tuesday evening, February 6, YICC (Young Israel of Century City) will host Xavier Becerra, Attorney General of California, an outspoken advocate for obstructing the enforcement of federal immigration law. Every law-abiding Jew should protest loudly at this … Continue reading

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David Brooks – The Ugly Face Of Anti-Gentilism

Steve Sailer writes: As I predicted in my two previous Taki’s columns, the Trump administration offered to Democrats an extremely moderate and generous compromise immigration package. Trump proposed a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens in return for … Continue reading

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But What Type Of Immigrants?

In a viral tweet, @neiltyson bragged that 1/3 of Americans who have won science nobel prizes were immigrants. I found the data and looked at those immigrants by ethnicity and country of origin: 96% were from Europe or Asia. Over … Continue reading

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