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What If The Dam Fails?

Comments at Steve Sailer: * The Mosul Dam with its 1m potential death toll is not even in the top league. Without a doubt the most stupidly placed dam on the planet is the Aswan High Dam in Egypt. Built … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Make #ValentinesDay Great Again! pic.twitter.com/37I1Uswklq — Deplorable Primate (@PALE_Primate) February 14, 2017

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Why Jews Can Be Allies

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Seeing Stephen Miller this weekend on the Sunday Morning demonstrated why Jews should not be discounted as allies. Miller shows like a hard-core conservative edge, and unwilling to concede the battlefield at the first sign … Continue reading

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The Case For Cheetos

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Pretty much sums up the lib domination of the MSM when one of its biggest showpieces can make fun of the irony of their worldview, do it with a straight face, and not for a … Continue reading

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