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Race & Nation

Yoram Hazony writes: It is important to notice that the Israelites’ conception of the nation has nothing to do with biology, or what we call race. For biblical nations, everything depends on a shared understanding of history, language, and religion … Continue reading

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Can Trump Get It Done?

Chaim Amalek writes: If his critics are right, Trump may simply not have the intellectual toolkit to be an effective president, even though he was and is right on two very critical issues (immigration and trade). What’s that you say, … Continue reading

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America First

Michael Anton aka Publius Decius Mus answers questions: MA: President Trump often used the phrase “America First” on the campaign trail and still uses it as president, including in his inaugural. For him, it obviously means something so simple and … Continue reading

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What Type Of Bedrock Supports The Oroville Dam?

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Former geologist here. What I’ve gleaned from Steve’s commentariat (but emphatically not from following the mainstream news) is that the multiple failures at Oroville are not uncorrelated, because they trace back to a fundamental issue: … Continue reading

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Blacks & The American Family

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Sailer has extolled “citizenism” as an American policy approach, drawing the line of “us” and “them” at US citizenship. Sailer has also Noticed the data on the disadvantages of black Americans in the aggregate. These … Continue reading

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