The Case For Cheetos

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Pretty much sums up the lib domination of the MSM when one of its biggest showpieces can make fun of the irony of their worldview, do it with a straight face, and not for a minute think that what they advocate in real life might actually be absurd.

* SNL has much funnier mockeries of the left than this one. Here are some of the top of my head:

President Barbie Doll:

Asian American Doll (Sailer linked this one before):

Mockery of Slavery Guilt Trip in Black History Month (I heard this offended cast members):

Mockery of Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration (Sailer linked this one too)

A fake Mitt Romney attack ad. A little dated to 2012, but still very funny:

SNL has different writers and comedians that range across the political spectrum. Famous SNL alum with outspoken right wing views include Adam Sandler, Norm MacDonald, Colin Quinn, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Jon Lovitz, David Spade.

I love great comedy and great political comedy and great right wing political comedy wherever I can find it. Ann Coulter can be funny, Steve Sailer has his great gags here and there, mark steyn has his funny moments. Milo is a right wing entertainer with a few funny moments.

Here’s another SNL skit that mocks the left that I missed. This is from moderate leftist Robert Smigel, who is hilarious, but unfortunately, still left.

* I’ve long suspected Anthony Jeselnik of being right-wing and a crypto-iSteve reader. His “Google Search & Destroy” bit was just Steve’s “Google Gaydar” carried out to its logical point of absurdity.

Fun fact; he used to date Amy Schumer. Both of them had shows picked up by Comedy Central at the same time. One of them became a huge movie star/media gadfly. The other was actually funny.

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