Why Jews Can Be Allies

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Seeing Stephen Miller this weekend on the Sunday Morning demonstrated why Jews should not be discounted as allies. Miller shows like a hard-core conservative edge, and unwilling to concede the battlefield at the first sign of tut-tutting by the “good and the great”.

The Left’s “anyone has a right to emigrate to America” is a Godsend. The stupidity of it won’t be lost on even the least of our polity. And the Attorneys General championing this idiocy will rue their participation, with great ruing.

* Like many Jews in politics, Stephen Miller is very intense and energetic. It’s great watching him go after liberals, especially Jewish liberals.

* Trump’s personality is very Jewish: he never forgets any insults or feuds from the past; and he always makes his opponent the guilty person. He would be a very good politician in Israel.

* How could the NY Times publish this and not know they would be laughed at and memed into oblivion on the issue? Seriously, the tone deafness of the Left here when it comes to how people view Caddyshack and how pearl-clutching the Left’s overreactions are—it’s breathtaking. We’re three months after the election, and they still think that calling Trump “boorish” and “uncouth” and “rude” will somehow get Hillary Clinton elected.

For months, we on the pro-Trump side have been half-joking/half-serious in comparing Trump to Dangerfield in Caddyshack, in a very positive way. For the NY Times to pick it up and try to make it seem negative is totally missing the boat, and re-invigorating the meme.

I’m guessing either the NY Times staffers discovered the meme but didn’t note how it was being used and thought they could “own” it, or else there is a secret troll/mole at the paper who mentioned it to the editors and got them to publish it in all dour seriousness while the troll/mole was laughing his head off.

Now whenever someone Googles the meme “Trump Caddyshack” they’re getting a NY Times editorial in all it’s seriousness that sounds straight out of a Judge Smails press release from Bushwood.

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