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Child Sex Abuse Case In Australia Comes To America

Two thoughts: * This story illustrates why the Forward is the premiere Jewish news publication in the diaspora. * Consider the eery parallels to the sexual molestation situation at Beis Midrash Toras HaShem in North Hollywood. Email: The following note … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of My Beard

Noon. Thursday. Jan. 31. 2008. I’m at the Robertson branch of the Los Angeles Public Library leafing through the February issue of Commentary magazine. It’s been a few days since I’ve shaved. I stop at an article on the role … Continue reading

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The Jewish Supremacist

I’m surprised at the number of my Orthodox friends who used to roll with Rabbi Meir Kahane. I’ve always thought of R. Meir Kahane as an extremist but Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles that I’ve met seem split 50/50 on … Continue reading

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My Beard Bothers The World

In February 2008, I read an essay in Commentary magazine by the clean-shaven Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik on the role of the beard in Judaism. It laid out the reasons for why the beard (as opposed to the clean-shaven look) was … Continue reading

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Life Lessons From Football

Rabbi Meir Goldberg writes: The importance of a tzibbur: Joshua Schwager, member of the 1986 national champion Penn State Nittany Lions and now a shomer Torah umitzvos Jew, told my students at Rutgers that the 2007 New York Giants became … Continue reading

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