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Meeting Girls At Kiddish

A friend emails: "I finally took heed of your suggestion and went to synagogue. Beginners service at a modern Orthodox synagogue. Very uplifting. As for uplifting skirts, lots of nubile Jewesses there. Having them separated during the service makes them … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Is Trying To Tax Me For Writing Out Of My Home

At the suggestion of my accountant, I filed for a business license in January for my self-employed blogging and other media ventures. Today I picked up a tax bill from the city of Los Angeles for $416.88 for taxes, penalties … Continue reading

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Memo To Mainstream Media

If you want to constantly attack payday loans, then abandon any pretense to journalistic objectivity. The articles recently published about this matter, all of them vilifying the practice of payday lending, fail even the most basic standards of decent reporting. … Continue reading

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