Memo To Mainstream Media

If you want to constantly attack payday loans, then abandon any pretense to journalistic objectivity. The articles recently published about this matter, all of them vilifying the practice of payday lending, fail even the most basic standards of decent reporting. Where are the testimonies – yes, such accounts readily exist – from people who need these short-term loans? This evidence in support of payday loans, narratives from people of diverse economic backgrounds (additional memo to MSM: payday loans are a source of relief for individuals of all incomes), never seems to make it into articles from, say, the New York Times or Washington Post. The reason: the proverbial media establishment wants to destroy payday lending. Save that agenda for the editorial page. In the meantime, reporters need to uphold the standards of their profession — which means writing balanced pieces that respectfully offer data from the other side. And here’s another "radical" suggestion: newspapers should spend less time on this blatantly political cause, and focus their energy on some genuinely incompetent financial institutions. A crazy idea, I know.

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