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Asking A Girl Out

Dennis Prager said on his radio show Nov. 30, 2010: “I remember in high school thinking that the boys who were unbelievably confident in their dealings with girls were not the finest of the guys. I was very nervous about … Continue reading

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Bibliyoga.com’s Marcus J. Freed Live On My Cam

Here is his site Bibliyoga.com. I met Marcus at LimmudLA last February. We started our conversation at Jeff’s Gourmet Sunday evening. It was cold and windy. Marcus: "Bibliyoga is a body-soul workout….[connecting] spirituality to the body. " Luke: "Can straight … Continue reading

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Meeting Girls At Kiddish

A friend emails: "I finally took heed of your suggestion and went to synagogue. Beginners service at a modern Orthodox synagogue. Very uplifting. As for uplifting skirts, lots of nubile Jewesses there. Having them separated during the service makes them … Continue reading

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Bais Yaakov Bans Its Girls From Going To Gyms

Bais Yaakov Los Angeles (ultra-Orthodox high school for girls in the Fairfax/La Brea area) has banned its students from going to gyms, even female-only gyms such as Curves. Needless to say, Bais Yaakov girls are also banned from going on … Continue reading

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Book Clubs Are For Girls

In theory, I should be hot for book clubs. I typically read several books a week. I love discussing books with smart people. I love to bond with people over books. Yet I’ve never enjoyed a book club. I rarely … Continue reading

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