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Stupid Things I Say To Myself II

Linda emails: HI, well i been a reader of your blog–on and off. (i admit, i cannot take a daily dose)–for years and years. How many? I dunno. ten maybe. .well practically since Day One, whenever that was. Today–I got … Continue reading

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A Little Joke

David Deutsch emails: …that few people would appreciate–it’s a work in progress, but I think it has potential: Why isn’t there a broader campaign in the Lubavitch world to free Rubashkin? Because when have you ever seen “free” next to … Continue reading

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As Pico-Robertson Turns

I’ve decided to add a fictional soap opera to my website. Here’s part one: I hit Makor on a Friday night. I was kicked out last year after a dozen women complained to the rabbi that I used sexual innuendoes. … Continue reading

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The Expulsion

Zipi emails: There is enough blame to share in this on-going soap-opera: Jewish education in town (YULA) and in Jerusalem. While they PUSH Midot, Tzniut and Chessed, in actuality they are breeding a new crop of Monica Lewinsky wanna-be’s. The … Continue reading

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