A Little Joke

David Deutsch emails: …that few people would appreciate–it’s a work in progress, but I think it has potential:

Why isn’t there a broader campaign in the Lubavitch world to free Rubashkin?

Because when have you ever seen “free” next to a kosher brand-name?

Also, I know that it’s bittul Torah, but have you ever watched Big Love? Really a good show, and I think it treats the religiousity of the protagonists very well, showing them as both sincere and questioning. What’s interesting is the way they’ve managed to place this family of Mormon polygamists squarely in the center–on one side are the crazy, cultist type polygamists, next to whom they seem like moderates, and on the other side, the hypocrisy and underhandedness of the mainstream Mormon church, next to whom they seem to be sincere, pious people. Throw in the soap opera elements (and with three wives, no shortage of those), and you’ve got dynamite. I give it my hechsher.

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