Stupid Things I Say To Myself II

Linda emails:

HI, well i been a reader of your blog–on and off. (i admit, i cannot take a daily dose)–for years and years. How many?
I dunno. ten maybe. .well practically since Day One, whenever that was.

Today–I got a few minutes before I gotta get over to my important Korean Soap opera (did you know they aren’t like US soap operas? more like a serial.. beginning, middle end.. takes about a year to sew it all up)…so I was fiddling thru your blog.. and discover an entry about Stupid things you say to self.

You know, I don’t esp like you, but… I really am sucked into your success by now–I know.. it’s pathetic.. a stranger out there who Wants to see you Happy. I do.

When i read the entry I went, “WHOO BOY.. really? I don’t believe it.. he’s sounding sane.. making sense. I think… he’s going to do it. He’s going to finally find peace, some measure of financial ok-ness and do i even dare say it? my god, maybe he’ll even get married happily.”

I’ll stay tuned in of course.. now with this little beam of hope. You GO, Luke. I am so proud of you!

Your non-fan, but ever faithful reader,


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