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Hatred Of Americans

I’ve never suffered from Jew-hatred in the United States, but I constantly meet online Europeans who loathe Jews and Americans. It would never occur to me upon meeting somebody obnoxious or shallow to attribute their bad traits to their race … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Goyim!

I’m live on my cam: YourMoralLeader: merry xmas YourMoralLeader: goyim Emma: Happy hanukkah? YourMoralLeader: what does Xmas mean to you M and Beth? Emma: Family getting together Emma: The day Jesus was born Beth: I had to step away and … Continue reading

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Shalhevet Missing $2 Million?

So I received a bunch of interesting documents about Shalhevet. Apparently, in 2004, an accountant was hired to go over the school’s books and halfway through his audit, he was fired by school founder Jerry Friedman. I got sent copies … Continue reading

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Another scam — Is he Jewish?

From the New York Times: In recent days, Dreier L.L.P., the Park Avenue law firm that Mr. Dreier founded, has been plunged into chaos. At least $35 million in escrow that was to have been held by the firm seems … Continue reading

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I Want To Be A Rebbe II

Ari writes to Hirhurim: I think this is a bit of a tempest in a teapot. There are some people who think that any mention of their group-identity is inherently offensive. That’s most of what I saw. There was nothing … Continue reading

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