Hatred Of Americans

I’ve never suffered from Jew-hatred in the United States, but I constantly meet online Europeans who loathe Jews and Americans.

It would never occur to me upon meeting somebody obnoxious or shallow to attribute their bad traits to their race or region or religion, but this practice is disturbingly common among Europeans.

I made a few blog posts about Patrick French’s biography of V.S. Naipaul.

I was blessed today with these thoughtful emails from Lennart Frimodig in Uppsala, Sweden:

You have not read his books, right?

I can sympathize with much of what you say, but not about prostitutes. Using a prostitute tells you are swine. Swine in the muslim sense.

I was shocked reading this French biography.

I very much like Popper, Naipaul and Coetzee, all three pretty bad persons, as individuals.

It is ok, you don

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