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Jewish News

From TorahMusings.com: ▪ Why liberal Judaism is in free fall ▪ Jewish-Christian Dialogue Today ▪ Rabbis reach deal on IDF conversions ▪ Local couple step up to the plate — er, chuppah ▪ Red Cross looks at providing kosher, halal … Continue reading

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Do Israeli Rabbis Have Freedom Of Speech?

Here are some of my previous posts on this topic. Steven Plaut writes for the Jewish Press: In recent days, one of the most important domestic controversies in Israel has revolved around rabbinic opinions. The media are representing this as … Continue reading

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How The RCA Gave Away The Game To R. Shlomo Amar

Israel’s chief rabbis have traditionally divided up their duties — one would handle Beit Din (Jewish law court handling conversions, divorces, business disputes etc) stuff and the other would handle everything else including kashrut (Jewish dietary laws). Then, every five … Continue reading

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What Animates Rabbi Gershon Bess?

He’s the most powerful Orthodox rabbi in Los Angeles. The yeshiva and kollel communities look to him for guidance. He is the power behind the RCC. What does he want? What is his vision? He strikes me as a man … Continue reading

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Knocking On Heaven’s Door

In his second class for Torah in Motion on Rabbi Ben Zion Uziel, Dr. Marc B. Shapiro says: There was a time 30 years ago when, if you had a question for Reb Moshe Feinstein, the greatest posek of the … Continue reading

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