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Journalists Love Indifference

There’s no emotional quality that journalists prize more in their subjects than indifference. When you deal with people who react in a volatile way to what you write about them, you can’t help but think they are emotionally weak. Think … Continue reading

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What Animates Rabbi Gershon Bess?

He’s the most powerful Orthodox rabbi in Los Angeles. The yeshiva and kollel communities look to him for guidance. He is the power behind the RCC. What does he want? What is his vision? He strikes me as a man … Continue reading

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Jerry Friedman Cleans House At Shalhevet

Before he leaves his position as Shalhevet’s boss, Dr. Friedman is not renewing teaching contracts for a couple of rabbis who’ve opposed him over the years: Ron Jawari and David Rue. David Rue has been particularly scathing about the state … Continue reading

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