Jewish News


Why liberal Judaism is in free fall
Jewish-Christian Dialogue Today
Rabbis reach deal on IDF conversions
Local couple step up to the plate — er, chuppah
Red Cross looks at providing kosher, halal food
Academic Library Autopsy Report, 2050
AVI CHAI – Day School or Camp
The theological roots of Reform Judaism’s woes
Beyond ‘Yes or No’ Jewishness (isn’t that what I said a few weeks ago?)
Riskin’s ‘anecdotage’
Chief Rabbinate issues warning over kashrut problems
Being religious in Israeli Navy
Kashrus agencies gear up for thousands of pre-Passover consumer inquiries
Jewish soccer team suspended for non-Jewish ringers
Will ‘Indie Minyans’ join USCJ?
Top genocide scholars battle over how to characterize Israel’s actions
SALT Friday
The riddle of the Satmar
A down to Earth philosophy
Rabbi and imam come to YU
Coca Cola formula kept secret by top rabbi
The Rise of Jewish Collegiate A Cappella
The Great Seinfeld Wikipedia Hoax
My Heroes Have Always Been Hebrews
SALT Thursday
YU 1963 College Bowl team
R. Moshe Tendler thinks you’re wrong, and he’s not afraid to say so
Rabbi Elyashiv calls for mass protest against IDF conversions
Tough Choice: School Scholarship Or Summer Camp (only grades 10-12!)
Israel – Lawyers: Planned Charedi-Only City is Unconstitutional
Jewish Press interview with Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock
SALT Wednesday
Poll: 42% say Judaism treats women well
When game day falls on the Sabbath
Why is patrilineal descent not catching on in Reform worldwide?
Greenfield calls on yeshivas to register parents to vote
Spirituality Lite
SALT Tuesday
Poll: 42% say Judaism treats women well
When game day falls on the Sabbath
What college rankings really tell us
Who will protect the kosher consumer?
Archaeologists dig 1845 Jewish “mikveh”

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