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Understanding Persians

Joe emails: Luke, If you want to understand Persians and their insatiable appetite for gaudy displays of wealth and absolute lack of good taste, read this article — about a non-Jewish Iranian, although the mentality is the same.   http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/08/us/08atlanta.html?hp

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YULA Vs. Shalhevet

YULA is a centrist Orthodox school and Shalhevet is left-wing Orthodox (about as tolerant and free as you can get for an Orthodox school). Orthodox sources tell me: "When Shalhevet opened up 15 years ago, YULA had an opportunity to … Continue reading

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What Is Rabbi Wolpe Doing To The Persians At Sinai Temple?

Pious Pico Joe emails: "You ever consider writing something on what the heck Persians are doing going to Sinai Temple?  The conservative rabbi there doesn’t teach Torah from Sinai.  I’d imagine the conservative movement "theology" of M-n Made Torah doesn’t even exist … Continue reading

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